John W. Lann
Branch Manager & Home Mortgage Specialist
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What's the ONE THING every home buyer has in common? They go online to search for homes.
Your choice is whether you direct them to Zillow or provide them a BETTER WAY!
That's HomeScout.

  • Zillow Facts:
    • Zillow sells your contact information.
    • Zillow is not exclusive to you.
    • Zillow promotes other agents with your listing.
    • Zillow re-directs buyers to other agents that pay more!
    • Zillow is not always accurate!
    • Zillow costs you $$$ to play!

  • HomeScout Facts:
    • It's free to you and your clients.
    • It NEVER sells client information.
    • It's exclusive to you and John Lann
    • It provides 100% of the MLS access.
    • It provides new listings/Open Houses
    • It offers a SOLD HOME ALERT!!!
Click here to download HomeScout!

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