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John W. Lann
Branch Manager & Home Mortgage Specialist
(813) 909-5199
  You guys ROCK! Thank you Irma Ruiz & John Lann.

Karen A. & Kaitlyn C.
(L to R) John Lann, Karen A., Kaitlyn C & Irma Ruiz with Future Home Realty.

 John was the BEST EVERHe followed up all the time with calls and emails. His team was superb, very knowledgeable and courteous.
Thanks for everything!

Guillermo & Gabriella L.

 I am extremely pleased and honored to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with John and his team. This would represent the 2nd time I've purchased a home, and the level of attention and detail that was afforded to me was second to none, with a high quality of service that is almost unusual for the financial industry. If you desire a seamless experience with a team that is honest & knowledgeable, go with John!

Carlo A.

New Home Buyer! 

Buyer's Agent - Deanna Pelfrey
with Century 21 Bill Nye Realty.

Seller's Agent - Jo Lessaris
with Future Home Realty. 

 A GREAT EXPERIENCE with John Lann and his team.  Thanks so much for helping us through the process of buying our new home.
This is the second time. . . and will do so again! 

Lynn & Don H.

    John educated us through every step of the home loan process.  I have never received this level of service from a lender.  


Jenni & John C.
4/2018 & 12/2019

Buyer's Agent - Tina Serfozo with Bay Vista Realty.

(L to R below) Tina Serfozo, John Lann, Jenni & John C. 

   It was UNBELIEVABLE how efficiently they worked and without hesitate, they are 
NUMBER ONE in my book! 

Lanathia D.

 John was very professional and kind.  We truly appreciated his ATTITUDE AND WISDOM throughout this process.  He made himself available for us when we had questions.  

Danielle D. & Gary P.

 ...the ABSOLUTE BEST!  Their dedication and attention to detail were top-shelf but the best over the top thing for me was how they make you feel so very comfortable!  Buying a home can be and is a very stress full experience; one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. 
John and (his team) take all the worry away. 
I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Thank you for helping us with our new home! 

Harry & Karen M.
 Very helpful throughout the whole process.  

Lyndie R.
 John is the greatest!  I recommend him often to many of my friends and co-workers who are trying to get a mortgage.  He is always on the ball.  

Gary & Sharon O. 

Terry P.

(L to R) Terry P., John Lann and Robert Douglas with Palm Realty & Investments. 

 The experience was a great one because John embodied the saying, "The best ability is availability." My very first experience with John was a phone call and despite just having had dental work completed, John not only answered my call but was more than eager to stay and answer all my questions before I was.  Be it Nitrous Oxide or not, we appreciated it.  If the process means as much to you as the end goal, you will truly see the value of working with John. 

Marcus S. 
 As a First-Time Homebuyer, every question I had was answered to where I understood it fully. 
John is absolutely phenominal

Michael M. 

 Very knowledgeable and responsive!  

Roger S.
 John took the time
to go over all our questions and concerns;

even when they were late into the evening

Manny M.

  ABSOLUTE DREAM to work with!  Made my first home buying experience wonderful.  Always available and exceeded in communication.
They truly have your best interest in mind. 
I highly recommend John...

Allison L.
 I tell you, I have never had an experience like this.  I thought it was going to be tough.  I thought it was going to be hard...I appreciate everything they did for me and I'm just in awe!! Thank you!! God bless you! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company.  

Ruthie R.
Roger S. 

(L to r) John Lann, rma Ruiz with Future Home Realty, and Roger S.   

 John was AWESOMEHe placed our best interests in front of everything else.  He wanted to make sure that we were comfortable and able to afford the home we were blessed with.  He made himself available for us at all odd hours.  He got us the best rate possible without hesitate. He was always in a great mood and it was contagious. 
We are truly blessed to have worked with John in the purchase of our home.
We gained a friend for sure.

Cierra & Manny M.
Karen M.
To the right is Giovanna Ward with Future Home Realty.
Alecia & Jamie Z. 
(L to r) Irma Ruiz with Future Home Realty, Jamie, John Lann & Alecia.  

Rhonda O.
(L to R) Frank, Rhonda O. & John Lann
Miranda M. & Neal Y.